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We are committed to enhancing and transforming traditional agency practices by forming strategic partnerships all over the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area.

These partnerships enable us to provide more efficient client services.

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metroMSR constantly identifies, screens, and recruits top quality performers within the areas of accounting, finance, administration, and systems.

Depending upon our client’s requests and a thorough assessment of their needs we offer four types of staffing options:

DIRECT: Client wants to hire an employee on a full time basis

TEMP to HIRE: Client wants to hire an employee but first wants to try them out as a temporary

TEMPORARY/CONSULTANT: Client wants to hire an employee on a short/long-term contractual basis

PAYROLL SERVICE: A client finds a candidate on their own but cannot hire the candidate full time right away. The candidate would then become an employee of metroMSR and added to our payroll, until the employer can bring the person on full time.

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