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Looking for a Career?


Our Commitment To You
If you are devoted to working toward attaining job satisfaction, you can trust that we are committed to providing you with the tools necessary to help you acquire work place harmony.

Our People
We identify, secure, and train talented professionals, then give them the flexibility and support needed to add value to our clients.

Job Center
metroMSR understands the increased competition for career opportunities and knows in order to secure your dream job you have to have more than great qualifications; you also have to have great interviewing skills. We not only help our candidates identify their perfect opportunity through our positions database, we also coach them through the entire hiring process, giving them the intangibles to be successful in their field.

Here are some tips that could get you closer to your dream job:

When an employer asks you to describe your work style they usually have a specific way that the team is used to working and they want to see if your style will fit in. Always study the job description prior to the interview and then ask yourself this question, but make sure you evaluate how best you operate and what kind work environments you work best in. Then specifically answer and back up your answer with a brief example.

If an employer asks you why you’re interested in their organization your response should be presented as a benefit to their company. Speak of how you can be successful in the job or illustrate you’ve done your homework by speaking of their company’s philosophy or other interesting facts about the work environment or interest in their business.

Two questions to ask at the end of the interview are, "Is there anything in my background that would prevent me from getting this position?" and "What’s the next step in the process?" Both of these questions make the employer tell you how the interview went and where you are in the running.

We have an online resume submission for those who are new to our organization.

The staff of metroMSR understands that our candidates have busy schedules and limited time, so in order for us to alleviate some of the steps associated with temporary work, we have provided documents you may need at your fingertips:



We are always looking for talented professionals who are interested in a career in the staffing industry. To be successful you must have a consultative mindset, great listening skills, a client first attitude and an incredible work ethic.

Minimum qualifications include: a college degree; excellent communication skills; sales experience and a proven track record of success. Call or email us today!

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