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Located in Alexandria, VA, metroMSR is a group of three Staffing Business Units formed to provide comprehensive services to a diverse group of clients. These units include:

  • Metro Staffing Resources — temporary staffing
  • Metro Federal Resources — federal services
  • MSR Executive Search — full time placement

Metro Staffing Resources was founded in 1998 by Todd Zabaglo. After a career at Arthur Andersen and Oracle, Todd ran a regional staffing firm for 5 years.  During this time, Todd saw an opportunity to improve the staffing business. So began Metro Staffing Resources. Todd’s mission was and still is “to provide a higher level of service to clients and candidates than anyone else in the marketplace.” 

As the organization grew, Metro Staffing Resources became the temporary division, and MSR Executive Search was formed to focus on full time placements. Soon after, we entered into the federal arena via a GSA Schedule, thus, Metro Federal Resources.

Over the last decade, we have witnessed monumental changes in the staffing industry not only through new technology and the internet but expanded avenues of communication such as social and professional networking. The one thing that did not change is our original philosophy, the very reason for our existence. Our guiding philosophy is “the person you really want to hire for a full time position is not looking for a job.”

Assuming our philosophy is correct, that the person you really want to hire is not looking for a job, then they are not posting their resume, nor are they responding to advertisements.  Well, how then do you find this person?  metroMSR!

Thus, our mission,

“to provide a higher level of service than anyone else in the marketplace”

coupled with our philosophy,

“the person you really want to hire for a full time position is not looking for a job"

enables metroMSR to recruit for you full time candidates who are not on “eBoards,” nor responding to advertisements. This then, is the value we bring to you: to recruit and evaluate candidates you will not see anywhere else!

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